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When we started marketing for the senior living industry back in the early naughts, we knew the market was mired in the same old, tried (and tired) methodology. Not content with settling for the templated approach that the market was employing at the time, we thought differently and approached it differently—to great success. Since then, we’ve been part of the creative force behind the award-winning—and more importantly, results-generating work—for senior living communities across the lower 48. Have a look at just the tip of this creative iceberg.


How do you approach marketing a distinguished retirement community that’s been around for over 35 years? How about with an actual brand message based on the understanding that today’s senior generation doesn’t want to just be retired, they want to be inspired.

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A bold, type driven-look with clear, concise proclamations, the brand messaging “Duncaster is where I live” lets Duncaster stand out amid a sea of competitors, presenting the community to the public in a fresh and exciting way. With a new website, a new digital and print campaign, and new approach to direct mail all hitting the market simultaneously, interest is up, event attendance is up, excitement is up. And that’s just for starters.

Carroll Lutheran Village &
Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant

Good, better, best. What would you settle for? Well, the marketplace and residents for sister communities Carroll Lutheran Village and Lutheran Village at Miller’s Grant wouldn’t settle for anything less than the best—which is exactly what we gave them.

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New messaging and a new look centered around the inspirational ideology of “helping you to be your very best” rolled out to great success with the client and the market. Since both communities operate under the same corporate umbrella, we kept the graphic identity familial but with enough flexibility to allow both communities to play to their individual strengths. The bold graphic look featuring new photography has allowed interested potential residents an inside look at what life at these communities is truly like. And they seem to like it. A lot!

Cypress Living

How do you let people know you’re expanding your service offerings when they barely know who you are to begin with? By leveraging established strengths, turning around perceived weaknesses and creating a visual identity system that sets you apart and gets you noticed. As Lee Healthcare Resources looked to expand their capabilities in the senior market, it became apparent they needed a name change and a brand i.d. that would help the existing family of services garner more recognition and allow for continued expansion as the organization grows.

Following the development of the brand identity, Cypress Living asked Twenty2 Creative to develop marketing materials to help them launch Cypress at Home, their new home care service offering. The dynamic swoosh of the logo became the identifying visual as we created a folder with inserts, a new website, digital ads and downloadable informational resources. We crafted the copy and messaging to clearly explain a sometimes-complicated package of services and the imagery was chosen to convey the knowledgeable, yet relaxed, positive experience families have while working with Cypress at Home.

  • Cypress at Home website homepage on laptop and mobile
  • Cypress at Home folder with care management insert
  • Cypress Cove email shown on mobile phone
  • Cypress Cove print ad campaign

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During the pandemic, marketing gears shifted from connecting with prospects on campus to simply staying connected with prospects as they stayed home. For Cypress Cove, we created a “Feel Good” campaign consisting of print ads and e-blasts that highlighted positivity and positioned Cypress Cove as a resource for those who may have been struggling. In addition, we developed a series of 25 daily emails that offered suggestions on how to stay engaged, active and happy—all while staying safe. With a 32% average open rate and a 17% average click-through rate, it’s obvious that this email campaign was successful in helping prospects connect with Cypress Cove. And phone calls to the marketing team thanking them for these efforts was icing on the cake.

Senior Living Portfolio Gallery

View more samples our senior living work:

  • Pinegrove Estates brochure cover and interior pages
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  • The Hearth at Drexel logo
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  • Rose Villa brochure cover and interior pages
  • Birch Hil logo
  • Sun Health newspaper insert
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  • Searstone 55 plus brochure cover
  • Collage of Searstone brochures

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